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ROCK ANTENNE - Heavy Metal

ROCK ANTENNE - Heavy Metal

Online station ROCK ANTENNE plays metal how it should be done - heavy! Heavy metal show, news and music all steamed to make your ears bleed, just how it is done in Bayern and in the rest of the world wide web.
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"ROCK ANTENNE - Heavy Metal"Playlist :

  • Death - Symbolic iTunes
  • Voivod - Warriors of ice (remastered) iTunes
  • Soilwork - Long live the Misanthrope iTunes
  • ROCK ANTENNE - Heavy Metal iTunes
  • Buckcherry - Crazy bitch iTunes
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ROCK ANTENNE From Germany: Rock , Music
ROCK ANTENNE from Bavaria has the best guitar hits and with the news and radio shows, this online radio station strums the loudest chords!
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ROCK ANTENNE - Alternative
ROCK ANTENNE - Alternative From Germany: Alternative, Rock , Music
ROCK ANTENNE - making international rock ALTERNATIVE!
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ROCK ANTENNE - Classic Perlen
ROCK ANTENNE - Classic Perlen From Germany: Classic Rock , Music
Classic rock n roll gems from the finest in streaming rock radio out of Bayern, Germany. The biggest rock hits now online!
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